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~ Supplies and Services Available~

I am sorry to say I have had to close my shop due to illness.
Should you need supplies I would like to recommend Tinkerbell Creations. Please click the following link to access the site.
Tinkerbell Creations
*~* Angels Touch Nursery Hair Conditioner *~*
Sold worldwide and absolutely the best product out for
keeping your Reborn's hair in perfect condition.
96 Page Secrist 2008 Premiere Tutorial Catalogue 
Excellent tutorial and information magazine for the beginner and expert.
Rooting Tool (Patent Pending)
****Currently on Sale****
    Comes with 10 needles and 6 blades
    (Includes 14 page Rooting Manual)
Rooting needles
38 Gauge Star
38 Gauge Crown
40 Gauge Crown
42 Gauge Super Fine
42 Gauge Super Fine Barbless Forked  
Please specify if needles are
Replacement needles for rooting tool.
Genesis Heat Set Paints - NEW SMALLER SIZE
Great for Beginner Reborners
  9 - 1/4 oz (7.5 ml) Pre-mixed colours
  Also available in the larger 1/2oz (15ml) size
Genesis Thick Medium
for use in making 3D eyebrows and anywhere
dimension and definition is wanted.
Genesis Ceramic Daisy Paint Palette
"My Baby Tears" Glaze ~1oz Bottle
Same product as used by Secrist for real looking tears and wet eyes,
nose and mouth.
Loew Cornell - Natural Camel Hair Mop Brushes
Great for "bouncing" and mixing paints
Hospital ID bracelets, pink, blue & pearl white (from USA
Baby name bracelets
****Currently on Sale****
     Name of your choice using white alphabet beads
     (round or heart shaped).
     Gold or Silver Spacer Beads
     Gold or Silver Heart Charm
     Bridal Quality Glass Pearls your choice of:
     Semi-precious stones:
        Rose Quartz
        Baby Blue Cat's Eye
        Baby Pink Cat's Eye
"Real Eyes" all sizes
Eyelashes - sets and single
Cloth Bodies
     All styles and sizes available, some always in stock.
     Prices vary depending on size and style needed.
    (slightly wavy/straight) 
    Colours in stock:
    Light Blonde
    Honey Blonde
    Light Brown
    Dark Brown
    Curly Mohair is in stock, check for available colours.
'TenderTouch' Filling - Elastomer pellets (baby fat)
4kg (9 lbs)    
2kg (4.5 lbs) 
Silicone Tummy Plates  
Boy Plate front- circumcised and uncircumcised
Girl Plate front
Beating hearts
Cloth bodies with pocket for heart
E-6000 Glue ****OUT OF STOCK****
Magnets for Pacifiers
Rooting of owner supplied doll's head.
Includes mohair, sealing, styling (if wanted), cable tie to replace head and return postage. (THIS IS FOR HEAD ONLY)
All kinds of new baby outfits and shoes - 
If you are looking for something unusual and to suit a particular doll check with me first.  Prices vary and photos available upon request.
Berenguer Dolls~ order only - ask for type and prices
Ashton Drake Dolls ~ order only - ask for type and prices
Berenguer Dolls that are ordered take about 7 to 10 days to arrive.  Ashton Drake dolls could take longer depending on supplier.
(Postage charges will vary depending on the items ordered)
Help and information - *** FREE ***
Reborning Lessons, FREE OF CHARGE, in my home email for information.
Please emil for complete price list including prices


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